Self Publishing The Invisible Book Publishing The Invisible Book sounds like an oxymoron for yours truly. Yet to be honest it’s an acorn of an idea that’s been growing in me head for time.  Some say there’s no time like the present to try something new, so I thought we’d have a look see at the principles involved and have a go at Self Publishing The Invisible Book!

Memo to Self: We’re not talking about writing the next big whatever!

What’s important for the now is getting me head round the various principles, applications and practicalities involved, whilst using Ubuntu to create an e-book for yours truly.  How to do whatever and then share it wherever?  That’s the driving goal.

A desire and determination to have a go.  Just Because It’s There and it Sounds Like A Plan  …

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Broken Biscuits II : Midnight Ramblin’ with Lou

Broken Biscuits II Midnight Ramblin with LouTesting, Testing, Testing, 1 4 0 8 …. Can You Hear Me Mother?

Just for the record, maybe we’ll both get our heads round the fact that the following podcast may not make much sense in your world!  Then again what do i know?  Should you happen to be one of the few on my wave length, you’ll have gathered by now yours truly is in the process of figuring out more than a few new ways of going with the flow and doin’ what we do!

Just Because It Sounds Like A Plan ….

So what’s what for the now, as Me and Lou continue our quest, discovering something new on our journey, casually up that there steep self learning curve with A Positive Can Do Approach?

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Back on Track with the Home Grown Journal

back on track with the Home Grown JournalGetting back on track with the Home Grown Journal has taken a week or so whilst I’ve been getting me head round how best to move forward following the demise of the mac.

Seems like moving forward and creating new memories as Lou and I fall into autumn is the way to go as we’ve been out and about collecting leaves for the worm bin.

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Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Thought Shower Walk

Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Thought Shower Walk

This last week or so has most definitely been one of those weeks where everything and anything that can go pear shaped, most certainly has.  Thanks to a Guerrilla Podcasts broken biscuits thought shower walk with me girl a paradigm shift in me own thought process occurred!  What more can i say?  An enforced change in the way i do what i do for the now and another massive self learning curve for yours truly is underway.

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Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement