Home Grown Spreadsheet

Home Grown Spreadsheet

One or two of you already know that we recently shared our home grown spreadsheet thought process on twitter the other week. In me head, patience was the key whilst wondering who’d get back, if anyone at all?

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Stitched Up In Chorlton

Stitched Up In Chorlton

Many thanks to Bryony and Lilly at Stitched Up In Chorlton.

Nice One for looking after yours truly with a fair trade brew and ta for sharing your creative space for a while, whilst letting us know a little more ’bout what you do @stitchedupuk.

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Peace Love and Ribbits

Peace Love And Ribbits

Peace Love And Ribbits, random ramblings with Marky Le Frog outside the Oddest bar in Chorlton.

It’s not an everyday occurance for your’s truly to clock anyone sat peacefully on an electrical box, doin’ what they do, doodling away.

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