Planting Red Onions February 2022

Planting Red Onions February 2022

Random like, in our own head space down on the plot. Me and the boys are planting red onions.

Same as it ever was, real casual like. Making more mistakes for no other reason than! Just Because…

If truth be known, we’re ish on a roll #growingwiththeflow and at the end of the day, ’tis still winter this neck of the woods and in my head, we aint that far off from the right side of whatevers for the now?

Raking our 2nd Bed for the Red Onions

Planting Red Onions February 2022

Now that our 2nd bed has been raked, more than a few times. Moving casually forward, we can sow our Karmen red onions.

Good to Grow with our Red Onions

Quality control’s a given! Surely we both knew that already? Move On

Quality Control in Progress From My Big Fella

Wouldn’t you just know it. One last look see is all that’s needed.

One Last Look See At Our Red Onions

Thought we’d casually layout our Red Onions (Karmen) ready to grow.

Good To Grow With Our Karmen Red Onions

Red onions layed out, ready to be planted in rows of five on our 2nd bed.

Karmen Red Onions Layed Out In Rows Of Five

Time to do what we do and plant our onions ish a hoe and a bit apart.

Onion Rows Spaced ish 6 Inches Apart

Work in progress, planting red onions down on the plot with the boys.

Tweaks A Given With The Boys For Quality Control

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Karmen red onions all good to grow for 2022 down on our plot in Salford.

Karmen Red Onions Planted On The Plot February 2022

Travel Safe

Dafs On The Grow Down On The Plot

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