Zennin Me Castle With Me Little Friend

Zennin Me Castle With Me Little Friend

Strange how the season of goodwill and family arguements has turned out to be the perfect time to start zennin me castle with me little friend.

Sanding in Progress

We both know what they say about best laid plans?

If truth be known.

Sanding the floors in me castle was on our imaginary to do list some time in the distant future.

Project Management in Action

When the opportunity arose to get the floors sorted sooner than later.

Enough Said! I can do that?

Project management A Given from the usual suspect and we we’re off doing what we do sooner than expected.

Several days later and halfa job done, now for the clean up and painting.

Zennin Me Castle With Me Little Friend

Making a Start
Mikey keeps an eye on proceedings
Zebra stripes

Testing out a new thought process in me head and just maybe a different way of doing what we do whilst we’re creating new memories.

Health and Safety First
Still More To Do
A Closer Inspection Required

New tweaks for sorting out this ‘ere cast.

Say It Loud

    Audacity effects we used in order:

  • Noise Removal
  • Normalise
  • Compressor (Threshold -14)
  • Equalisation > Bass Boost (9db)
  • Equalisation > Treble Boost (9db)
  • Hard Limiter > -0.4
  • Normalise > Click OK

Zed's R Us

Playtime for Mikey

Travel Safe


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