Work in Progress on New Memories and New Beginnings

Guerrilla Podcasts Work in Progress on New Memories and New Beginnings

So what’s this all about!  Work in Progress on New Memories and New Beginnings?  A DIY Acorn of an Idea is in progress in me castle and off course you’ve got better things to do and that’s so not a problem, stress, issue or whatever in any way, shape or form.

So what’s really going on other than the obvious. Just Because It Sounds Like A Plan?

The last few months have most definitely been some what of a roller coaster of emotions for yours truly since my dad passed away.  Thanks to Lou and the Choon Creators, I’ve been on more than a few broken biscuits thought shower walks out and about in the woods, along the canals and wherever else round Salford to just maybe help get me head in whatever frame of mind to help us both get back on track doin’ whatever it is we do on Guerrilla Podcasts?

Work in ProgressSo what’s all this about New Memories & New Beginnings then?

To be fair, it’s more of an acorn of an idea that seems to be growing as time slips away, so i thought I’d share whatever and see what happens?

To be honest my good friend Guerrilla Podcasts t’internet space is and always will be a work in progress space and just maybe a couple of you know that one by now?

Moving forward one step at a time (sideways & backwards at times), doing whatever it is that we do?  As Me & Lou continue to make those 101 gaffs along the way whilst learning something new day by day.

Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation &  Self Improvement are the driving goals for Guerrilla Podcasts.  No Stress, No Worries & No Pressure.  Just going with the flow, chillin’ as we go.  Me, Lou and You moving forward with one thought process at a time not worrying about the counters or doubters.  Just Because …

Work in ProgressSo over the next few weeks / months or however long it takes the two of us to figure out a list or three for what’s what and no doubt more than a few tweaks along the way as we both know nothing at all is set in stone.

    • To Do List
    • Wish List
    • Desirable List
    • Required List
    • Affordable List
    • Unobtainable List
    • Just Because List
    • Whatever Else I’ve Not Thought of List

Who knows just maybe we’ll use Pinterest to sort the lists out in time but for the now, it’s still early in the thought process to worry about that and time will see if that happens?

Web Page Not AvaialableIn the meantime since the last couple of posts : Phill Howley and Kevin Morel Dogface Records Label Launch & Richard Lomax Live at Dogface Records Label Launch in Salford.

I’ve noticed that i’ve had more than a few problems visiting dogface records using virginConnection Timed Out.  My isp seems to have created a few difficulties in accessing one or two sites and that’s something one has to put up with and learn to get thy head round and the weird thing is we both know there’s more than one way to skin a cat?Visit cached copy of site!

After a couple of long winded conversation that went no where really and achieved nothing positive regarding my query and depending on whom i spoke to would cost me to investigate the issue and it was suggested that it may be a problem with my computer!

You know what it’s like when they say (whom ever they are!) it’s a problem your end and your pc’s outdated.

No Shit Sherlock!  So not the case of the Poverty Stricken Northern Monkey but hey um that’s no worries.

Moving on with a positive vibe, off i went to check out alternatives to have a look see at whatever, using a variety of virtual private networks, I discovered that we could easily access Dogface Records and everything was now hunky dory in the land of learning something new when encountering barriers and brick walls from the man.

Robbie Boyd – Less Than Friends

So as time races by at a rate of knots in the real world. Lou and I are moving slowly forward with more than a few new acorns of ideas / things to do.  Work in Progress on New Memories & New Beginnings is in progress as we continue to sort out the spare room, creating a dedicated podcasting studio / new space to create and learn something / anything new as we do what we do? (more to follow in time!).

Not forgetting many new broken biscuits thought shower walks with Lou round Salford along the way, as we get our heads round the how, when, what and why Just Because …

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Enough Said for the now.  Travel Safe

~ Inabit ~
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Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement