Windy and Damp Tweaking Our Whatevers

Windy and Damp Tweaking Our Whatevers

Windy and Damp Tweaking Our Whatevers, for no other reason than it works for us. Seemed like the order of the day in my head.

Thought we’d make a start on cleaning the canes down on the plot, just as the weather started to turn.

A given that the weather kicks in this side of the coil really, after all, it’s still winter in the NorthWest.

Canes To Be Cleaned For Our 6 Wigwams

Thought we’d at least make a brand new start with our six imaginary wigwams. A clean slate, so to speak for the 30 canes #growingwiththeflow. Removing all the old string from our eight foot canes.

Canes To Be Cleaned For Our 6 Wigwams

Windy and Damp Tweaking Our Whatevers

Not long before we’ll have these canes ready for our greens.

Canes Ready For Cleaning

Canes cleaned, may as well rake the 1st bed on our 2nd plot for the umpteenth time. Won’t be long now, before we’re planting our peas and beans that are growing on random windowsills in the castle.

Raking The 1st Bed on our 2nd Plot

Obligatory visit from our squirrel friend, down on the plot, collecting bits and pieces for his nest.

Squirrel Collecting For Nest

Thinking we’ve got enough canes to make our frames in our tunnel.

Squirrel Collecting For Nest

A quick look see and a helping paw always comes in handy from our project manager, as we start removing our dried beans and shiftin’ shite.

Our Project Manager Checking On The Dried Beans

Having our very own professional digger getting stuck in, is a massive time saver, as we make a start with our backyard reclamation.

Professional Diggers Rock

Beans left to dry over winter in the backyard will be sown sometime soon.

Home Grown Dried Beans

Job done ish. That’s our greenhouse emptied and ready to be moved.

Final Checks On Our Empty Greenhouse

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Now we’ve got our project managers onboard with our backyard reclamation. Tweaks will happen, as casually as we like over time.

Pull Ya Finger Out And Get This Yard Sorted

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