Tweaking The Tracks of the Home Grown Journal pdf

Tweaking The Tracks of the Home Grown Journal pdfJust been Tweaking The Tracks of the Home Grown Journal pdf recently.  Whilst the worms are doing what they do in the backyard, me and Lou have landed back in the castle, chillin’ for the now after a bit of wonder in the woods in Salford.

Not to worry for the now, of course you’re busy doin’ what you do?  Thought I’d just drop by and let you know that I’ve changed my thought process on one or two things for the LibreOffice spreadsheet for the New Home Grown Journal over the last few days.

You know how it is when your trying to get whatever sorted in your head and your buzzin’ your proverbial’s off when you eventually get things done and eureka! Job Done and sorted and away you go chuffed to bits that you’ve done what you do by your lonesome.

OK Let’s not get too carried away, after all it’s just a home grown, home made LibreOffice spreadsheet created by yours truly and you know what happens next for sure ….

Open the New Home Grown Garden Journal pdfA few days later you decide to have another look see and of course your not quite happy at thy first attempt and decide to make a few tweaks just because whatever doesn’t quite do what you initially wanted it to do?

Anyways, just letting you know about a slight change made over the last few days to the new Home Grown Journal spreadsheet and why so?

You may appreciate that I was trying to create a spreadsheet that would track the weather / temperature in the backyard for the whole year.

Starting from June I entered the info from the thermometer in the backyard as and when in the morning and evening whenever that may be.

Of course you know time is relative, so if your up ‘n’ about at 7 that be morning then again morning could be 3 in the afternoon, suppose it all depends on your thought process, what shift your on or when you happen to clock the temperature as and when you get up.

At the end of the day the average temperature will sort out the whatever’s over the months.  Anyways in the spreadsheet cell to show the results for Average Temperatures I initially used =AVERAGE(B27:B56)

Of course that worked and created the results that i wanted.

However I’ve now decided to add a cover sheet to automatically show the results for the whole year and when i shared the results for November and December etc I would get an error message as there was no entry at all for those months the error message was replicated on the cover sheet created.

Seasons not sortedThat was battering me head this morning, as it meant that i couldn’t share the spreadsheet with whomever, just because i didn’t like the message blah blah blah.

Anyways, after a few tweaks, several coffee’s and more than a few tests, I decided to change the code that could ultimately change the entry to text or zero / 0 or whatever.

In other words, I’ve decided to change =AVERAGE(B27:B56) just because i wanted to be able to sort out the journal for the year and the error message was getting on my nerves on the cover page

I knew that i had to use an IF statement!

Getting it sorted took a while, but at the end of the day.  This is the solution that worked for yours truly.

=IF(ISNUMBER(AVERAGE(B27:B57)),AVERAGE(B27:B57),”Put Whatever Here”)

So that means I could change the text “Put Whatever Here” to 0 / Zero / Work in Progress or whatever.  I Decided to go with 0 for the now, whilst you could go with the flow and add whatever your heart desires.

Seasons SortedSo the last thing on the list of things to get sorted on the spreadsheet, is to have a look see if I can change the image that I’ve added on the cover page to an image space / container which could possibly allow me to share this here spreadsheet for you to use and do whatever, should you so wish?

You know how it Goes …. Because It’s There & Sounds Like A Plan …

More to follow me thinks over the next few months, so for the now.  After Tweaking the tracks of the Home Grown Journal pdf.  Here’s the new journal link: New Home Grown Journal pdf.

Be Yourself & Never Give Up Doin’ What You Do!

Sorted and Cheers Wherever thy maybe.

Nice One for thy Time.

~ Inabit ~

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