Tweaking The Plots

Tweaking The Plots

Tweaking the plots on a cold damp day, in the middle of February.

Dropped down the allotment to see how we’re growing, with our imaginary target of the full moon in February.

Keep it simple mate, was the order of the day in my head. No real set agenda, just a quick look see @ what’s what for the now.

Sunny Cold Damp Day Down On The Plot

Seems like our 31 garlic cloves are #growingwiththeflow quite nicely.

31 Garlic Cloves Growing

Tweaking The Plots

Thought we’d shift the canes, empty the tunnel and ish start tidying up.

Pots and Trays Sorted for Tweaking The Plots

In me head, just a little spade wobbling with the soil in the tunnel is all that’s needed right now for our future ungrown #homegrownfoodbank.

Spade Wobbling In The Tunnel Is All

Say hello to my little friend.

Our Friendly Squirrel Says Hello

Always a pleasure to take time out from whatever we’re doing on the plot and have a chat with our random visitors who drop by for a chat.

Squirrel Sorting More Bits & Bobs For His Nest

And he’s off, up to that high nest in the tree with a beltin’ view of the allotments.

The Squirrel Does One High Up In His Tree

Thought we’d make a start, turning over the last bed of green manure.

Turning Over Our Last Bed Of Green Manure

Job done for the now. Little and often floats me boat down on the plots.

Job Done For Today

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Lets leave our little friend in the peace & tranquility of the plot, to return another day.

Our Little friends collects leaves for the nest

Travel Safe

Come Dance With Me

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