Tweaking The Here And Now

Tweaking The Here And Now

Tweaking the here and now?

We both know it takes time to get your head round doin’ something new. Whatever new be in your head? Keep doin’ what you do.

For no other reason, than it sounds like a plan.

Vegging with Mikey Me & me little friend are growing with the flow on our home grown food bank on the plot.

Off course that may not make any sense to you! Not to worry for the now.

Instead of listening to the man, we’re ignoring questions like what do you do and where do you expect to be in time? Not a clue as a long sleep comes to mind whilst we’re #growingwiththeflow.

Zed's R UsMe little friend sure seems well happy chillin’ on the plot for the now.

Maybe yours truly, needs to give me head a few more wobbles, whilst we’re figuring out what goes where?

At the end of the day, we’re only here once so why stress ’bout things that could go wrong in the future.

Don’t get me wrong we’ve made more than a few wrong turns over the years, not to worry. We’re tweaking the here and now.

Desire, determination, personal motivation & self improvement!

Nod you're head and I'll hit it Should we go left or right?

Do this or that?

Stick or twist?

Single or double?

Enough Said!

Big bedding box
Little bedding box
Big box little box

Tweaking The Here and Now

Sieving soil
A sieving start is all
Sieving under the moon

Recycled & reused framesThere’s a whole lotta shakin goin on down the plot.

You know how it goes.

It ain’t what you do, t’is tha way that you do it? Cue choons in your head.

As you can see. Mikey and Me are tweaking the here and now, as we casually move forward with whatever it is that we’re trying to do?

So not worrying about our past 101+ failures, for sure not totally forgetting whatever, just not dwelling is all.

small bedding box frame

Ignoring the counters and doubters, the suits and the man. As we live in our very own bubble of self.

chillin’ whenever we can.

Figuring out something new somewhere along the way.

Like where and what new greens to grow in time.

Eventually getting our heads round whatever we need to use on our bootstrap self learning curve over time, to include a footer or header from a separte page?

Example tweaks in progress: < ? php include ‘ header . php ‘ ; ?>

Mikey smilingThat’s so much a work in progress.

At the end of the day, that’s an a acorn of an idea for future unknowns.

We’ve made a new start and that’s all that matters.

Suppose it’s high time that me and me little compatriot in crime, got back to tweaking the here and now.

Thinking up something newMikey dreams up something new as our beds get moved into place.

Moving the new beds

Home Grown in Salford

Travel Safe

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Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement