Tunnel Wrapping On The Plot

Tunnel Wrapping On The Plot

Tunnel Wrapping On The Plot, on a cold Sunday morning in early April.

10th April 2022 and we’re on a roll wrapping our poly tunnel frame that has seen better days, with plastic wrap.

Frosty start to the day #growingwiththeflow down on the plot.

Cold Start To The Day Down On Our Plot (10th April 2022)

Tunnel Wrapping On The Plot

The boys weren’t in the mood for getting cold even under the clear blue sky.

Cross In The sky Over The Plot

Thought we’d start in the middle of our tunnel and work left?

Tied Our Plastic Wrap To Centre Of Our Ploy Tunnel

Tried not to kill ourselves as we pretended we knew what we were doing.

Wrapped Round A Couple of Times

Positive thought process sorted wrapping the left side of the tunnel.

Half A Job Sorted Wrapping Our Tunnel

Principles sound in me head for this year with our bodgit inc wrapping.

Quality Control A Given From Me Big Fella

Moving on without a care in the world. Time to add our old tunnel cover.

Laid Out Our Old Tunnel Cover On The Plot

Patience & time is all we need, whilst we do what we do with our old cover.

On A Roll, Little By Little With Our Old Tunnel Cover

All that’s left to do now, is secure the cover for another year.

Cover Sorted On The Tunnel For another Year. Move On

Just a little sprinkle of the beds inside the tunnel.

Tweaked and Watered The Tunnel Beds 10th April 2022

Tweaks in me head for this year with covering our blueberries on the plot.

Getting Ready To Net Our Blueberries For The First Time

Testing, the size of the bendy poles on our 7th bed for our future ungrowns.

Testing Bendy Poles On Our 7th Bed

Memo To Self : Random Links

Now we’ve had a look see, will cut a good few foot off our bendy poles.

7th Bed Test Hooped For The Now

Travel Safe

Time for a brew and a chat with me little wild friends.

Chattin' With Me Little Wild Friends Down On Our Plot


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