Transplanting Toms

Transplanting Toms

Transplanting Toms in the middle of April 2022. Whilst the boys be chillin in their own space down on our plot, under the Salford sun.

Tweaks a givin’ in me head for sure, as we do whatever in the tunnel. We both know? Patience and time is all we need on any given day.

Musical pots it be #growingwiththeflow in the tunnel. Tweak a little here, not sure ’bout that, move this and randomly out tha blue we’re on a roll.

Randoms Toms Casually Spread Out In The Tunnel

Transplanting Toms

Learn to chill and don’t stress tha mess in thy own head. Zedzzzzzzzz R Us.

Butter Wouldn't Melt With Me Big Fella

Rinse and repeat with me little fella down on the plot. Enough Said.

Me Little Fella Snorin Away. Just Because...

Signs of life from our spuds sown in the middle of March.

Spuds R Us Sometime Whenever

Tweaks a given for sure with our recycled bucket and recycled rhubarb.

Recycled Rhubarb On The Grow In A Free Recycled Box

Toms planted deep as we like in our tunnel in Salford.

Toms Transplanted In The Tunnel On Our Plot (17th April 2022)

Travel Safe

Give it a while & me and the boys just might learn something new.

Patience and Time is all we got.

Sorted For The Now With Our Toms The Tunnel

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