Transplanting Tomatoes

Transplanting Tomatoes

Transplanting Tomatoes @ daft o’clock in the castle with the boys.

Chattin’ broken biscuits to the wall round the conference table. Doin’ what we do, sorta works for us as we’re #growingwiththeflow in our heads.

Sowed the seeds ish three weeks ago and now we’re on a roll.

Usin’ what we could afford at any given time compost, pots and trays to move one small step forward with our DIY #homegrownfoodbank journey.

Pots and Trays Sorted for Transplanting Tomatoes

Transplanting Tomatoes

Say what you mean and keep on doin’ what you do.

First things first, as always with every new whatever in me head, is that vital quality control element from the boys.

Quality Control Sorted

Now we’re good to grow. Randomly transplanting tomatoes @ daft o’clock in the castle is on the grow.

3 Week Old Marmande Tomato Seedling

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Casually as we like, no rush, no stress and no worries

Never A Stress, Just Doin What We Do

Fill a pot with compost.

Dig a Hole and Plant a Seedling.

Dig a Hole & Plant a Seedling

Repeat many times, whilst talkin’ broken biscuits to the wall. Enough Said.

Transplanting Many More Tomatoes

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Our Tomatoes originally sown in recycled pots three weeks ago.

Plum Roma Tomato Seedlings

Travel Safe

Place Transplanted Tomatoes on Random Windowsills

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