Transplanting Sweetcorn

Transplanting Sweetcorn

Transplanting Sweetcorn on the 2nd bed of our 2nd plot at the back end of May. Sorta seemed like a plan in me head did that.

Blink and before we know it, we’re already in June.

No Worries on time #growingwiththeflow with the boys. We both know it’s the same as it ever was, with the way we do what we do.

Sweetcorn on the 2nd bed of our 2nd plot, ready to be planted outside.

Sweetcorn Arrived Safely Ready To Planted Out

Thought we’d just have a quick look see for the now @ our corn in rows of 3 and in blocks of 3. Sorta works for us does that.

Thinkin 3 Corn In A Row Should Work

Transplanting Sweetcorn

Just so you know, that we both know, you know, we’re planting our corn in blocks of 3. That just happen to be right next to each other.

Laying Out Our Sweetecorn On The 2nd Bed

Rows of 3, blocks of 3. All the way up the 2nd bed, floats me boat.

Sweetcorn Sorted In Rows of 3 and Block of 3

Don’t stress the small stuff for the now, you know how it grows. Dig a hole.

Dig A Hole For Our Sweetcorn

Plant a seed (Sweetcorn).

Plant A Seed, Deep As you Like

Job Done. Move On.

Sweetcorn Transplanting On The Grow

Just a few more corn to be planted and we’re sorted.

Just A Few More Corn To Plant Then

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Catch Up of Our Whatevers : Wed 22nd May 2019

Onions and cabbages on the 1st & 3rd beds of our 1st plot.

Onions and Cabbages On The Grow

Our tomatoes in the tunnel are on the grow for the now.

Tomatoes In The Tunnel

Asparagus growing again and again.

Seems Like We're On A Roll With Our 1st Plot

Fresh fruit appearing, gooseberries growing.

Gooseberries Growing

Radish already harvested & sorted for tea.

Radish Harvested

Time to do one, as the weather is moving in.

Normal Random Weather Kinda Day

Travel Safe

Leave Well Enough Alone For Time

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