Transplanting Legumes

Transplanting Legumes

In me head, seemed like decent ish weather this side of the coil to be transplanting legumes, under the Salford sun.

So a random kinda day was on the grow down on the plot. Transplanting beans, peas and beetroot, Just Because…

Chillin With The Boys

Our Scarlet Emperor runner beans, sown in the castle on the 11th February then left alone on the windowsill to do what they do #growingwiththeflow.

Scarlet Emperor Beans Ready To Transplanted On Our 1st Wigwam

Seemed like a plan in me head, to start at the base of the 1st cane and plant our 1st of 12 beans casually as we like round the 1st of our six wigwams.

1st Scarlet Emperor Seedling Transplanted On Our 1st Wigwam

Transplanting Legumes

Patience and time is all and before you know it, we’re sorted transplanting our scarlet emperor runner beans for the day.

12 Scarlet Emperor Seedling Planted On The 1st Wigwam

Seems like a given that our friend drops by to keep on eye on whatever.

Our Friendly Squirrel Clocks Everything We Do

The few Kelvedon Wonder pea seedlings we had available at the moment, sown on the 4th wigwam.

Kelvedon Wonder Seedlings Transplanted On 4th Wigwam

Kelvedon Wonder peas left to dry in the shed over the winter. Thought we may as well shell a few and direct sow into our 5th wigwam.

Peas Dried In Shed Over Winter

Now that we’ve just shelled the dried peas, thought we’d direct sow ’em into the 5th wigwam of our #homegrownfoodbank.

Peas Direct Sown In 5th Wigwam

Don’t be mean with the beans saved and also dried in the shed over winter. Direct sown in and around the 2nd wigwam on our 1st bed of the 2nd plot.

Beans Dried In Shed Over Winter

That’s the beans & peas transplanted and directly sown in four of the six wigwams. Will plant more round the two remaining wigwams, ish round the time of the full moon in April.

Beans & Peas Transplanted & Direct Sown In Our Wigwams

We both know it’s handy when a friend checks on the garlic once in a while.

Our Little Friend Checking Out Our Garlic Is Still On The Grow

As the weather was still on our side and we we’re on a roll in our head.

Decided to keep on doin’ whatever it is we do and transplant our 1st ever beetroot seedling into the 4th bed of the five on our 2nd plot.

1st Beetroot Transplanted In the 4th Bed

Dig a hole and plant a seed, job done, move on.

Another Beetroot Seedling Sown

That be 20 beetroot sown for the now on the 4th bed of our 2nd plot.

20 Beetroot Seedlings Sown

Just Because… You know how it grows already.

Dig A Hole ...

Thought we’d get a head start and get sorted for planting spuds.

Getting Ready To Plant Potatoes

Not to worry for the now, just seemed like a plan is all on the 3rd bed.

3rd Bed on the 2nd Plot Ready To Plant Potatoes

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

One last look see and we’re good to grow on our 1st plot.

Our Friend Checks That Our 1st Plot Is Good To Grow

Sorted for the now, time to leave well enough alone for another day.

Sunshine Over The Plots

Travel Safe

The Boys Enjoy Their Chill Out Space

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