Transplanting Cabbages

Transplanting Cabbages

Transplanting Cabbages, creating our very own cabbage patch on the plot.

Started planting out both Savoy and Pak Choi cabbages a few weeks ago.

Thought we’d plant Out, Wong Bok and January King cabbages for the first time ever #growingwiththeflow on the 3rd bed of our 1st plot.

In me head, our Wong Bok and January King Cabbages, grown in recycled trays in the backyard, are well ready to be moved to the allotment.

Wong Bok & January King Cabbages Growing In Recycled Trays

Casually as we always like. Eventually we ended up at the plot ready to transplant more than a few cabbages into the 3rd bed of our 1st plot.

Wong Bok & January King Cabbages Sorted On The Plot & Ready To Planted

Transplanting Cabbages

First things first, water and re-shape the bed works for us for the now.

Shaping Our 3rd Bed

In me head, we’re now good to grow with more cabbages on the 3rd bed.

3rd Bed Raked And Good To Grow

One last sprinkle of the bed, just before planting, sorta seemed like a plan.

Watering The Bed Prior To Planting Cabbages

We both know how we grow by now. Dig a hole and plant a seed.

ig A Hole and Plant A Seed - Wong Bok Cabbage

Our first ever Wong Bok cabbage planted on the 3rd bed of our 1st plot.

First Ever Wong Bok Cabbage Planted

Job done. Move On. Our Wong Bok cabbages transplanted on our 3rd bed.

Wong Bok cabbages Transplanted

Same as it ever was, dig a hole and plant a seed (January King cabbage).

Dig A Hole and Plant A Seed - January King Cabbage

In me head we’re on a roll, planting January King cabbage in our 3rd bed.

Transplanting January King Cabbages

Cabbages sorted. Time to use some recycled tubing to suit our needs.

Recycled Tubing Sorted

Rough as we like, covering our cabbages with the netting.

Covering Cabbages With Netting

Sorted, that’s 4 varieties of cabbages on the 3rd bed covered for the now.

Cabbages Covered With Netting

In time, we’ll tweak the height of the netting on our cabbages.

Cabbages Covered On The 3rd Bed

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Seems Like We're On A Roll With Our 1st Plot

Seems like our fruit section is doin’ alright in me head for it’s first year.

First Year For Our Fruit Section

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