Todays Not Planned Its Just a Get Lost Day

Today's not planned it's just a get lost day

Mikey’s paw is on the mend.  The staples have been removed, the radar’s gone and we’re now able to go out for a wander for the first time in over a week. So todays not planned its just a get lost day.

Thought we’d have a day out in Peel Park in the Salford sun and spend the day getting lost.  No set agenda, no plans, just a get lost kinda day for no other reason than just because.

Mikey entering Peel Park in SalfordRelaxation and contemplation is the order of the day, as we spend a belter of a day together, not having a clue or a care in the world about what’s round the corner on our day out in Peel Park.

Maybe even sorting out a few new adventures for future unknowns?Mikey in Peel Park, Salford

An acorn of an idea for getting mobile again in the future is beginning to develop and that’s a bonus for both of us!

The possibility of unknown road trips to spaces and places in the back of beyond sure sounds like a plan.

Following on from Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in Me Head, thought we’d take advantage of prime day and get ourselves a new gadget to assist our ongoing skill-set development.

Mikey chasing sticks in Peel Park
A relaxing view of the canal
Mikey on the bridge

Today’s Not Planned It’s Just a Get Lost Day

Salford Museum
Salford University Ambition : Enough Said!
Salford Cathedral

Mikey makes the most of the open spaces in Peel Park since Making The Possible Impossible?

Mikey running in Peel Park

It’s Just a Get Lost Day

A scoop or two in The Old Pint Pot made Mikey’s day meeting so many new people on graduation day willing and able to make a fuss of him. We finished of our Travels in The New Oxford in Bexley Square still on our day out.

The Old Pint Pot
Mikey outside The New Oxford
The New Oxford

Travel Safe

Today's not planned it's just a get lost day

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