Tied Up In Knots On The Plot

Tied Up In Knots On The Plot

Tied up in knots on the plot, tweakin’ the wigwams for our future ungrowns in the last few weeks of winter, really does work for us right now.

T’is the last weekend in February and would you believe it. Seems like we’re gettin’ somewhere, casually as ever, with no fuss, no stress and no meither.

3 Balls Of String Sorted

Three balls of string, a clove hitch knot and we’ll be good to grow up our wigwams, sometime whenever, come the next full moon in March.

Tying Up Our Wigwams

Tied Up In Knots On The Plot

Time to get strung out with the 6 wigwams on our 2nd plot.

Our 2nd Plots Is Good To Grow

Works for us to create an opening at the front of our wigwams. Makes life easier in me head, when it comes to weeding our peas, beans or whatever.

Brand New Start Tying Up Our Wigwams

Three wigwams tied up and we’re on a roll down on the plot.

Brand New Start Tieing Up Our Wigwams

Turns out, that a ball of sting, covers one and a bit of our wigwams. Leaving us just one wigwam left to sort out sometime sooner than later.

5 Of Our Wigwams Tied Up

As the sky’s not crying, seemed like a plan in me head to tidy up the boys chill out space. Tweaks always a given on that one, as we do what we do.

The Boys Chill Out Space

Random as we like, minutes after mentioning we’d be looking for pieces of recycled guttering to use on our pallet. As if by magic, we’re already sorted.

Newly Acquired Recycled Guttering

Still a work in progress space for the now and we both know that’s always the case down on the allotment. Never stop learning #growingwiththeflow.

We’ll be using the recycled guttering we’ve just acquired, in between the gaps of the pallet to hopefully grow more than a few strawberries.

Pallet For Strawberries

Will be digging up these strawberries soon and planting in the pallet.

Strawberries To Be Moved

Seems like our year old bay is enjoying the Salford weather.

Year Old Bay Tree

Recycled blueberries showing signs of life, in our year old fruit section.

Blueberries In our Fruit Section

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Tarragon on the grow in our recycled sink on the the 2nd plot.

Tarragon On The Grow

Good to grow on our #homegrownfoodbank come the full moon in March.

Seems Like we're Good To Grow on The 2nd Plot

Travel Safe

It's A Lovely Blue Sky Day Down On The Plot


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