Tic Toc Stupid O’Clock

Tic Toc Stupid OClock

Tic Toc Stupid O’Clock in the castle. Sorted with no set plan of attack really.

Testing random whatevers with the boys @ stupid o’clock. Planning for our distant future ungrowns, talkin broken biscuits in the castle is all.

Whilst we set too and get ready to create a brand new spreadsheet for time. Forgetting what gadgets we’ve used to do what we do, ain’t ever a stress for the usual suspects. Transferring lost audio files for the now.

Transfering Audio Files

Tic Toc Stupid O’Clock

Blink and we’re ish on a roll in me head in the castle, for the now anyways. Tweaks a given sometime whenever with our random unused audio files.

Things To Do...

Casually as we like, we’ve changed our DIY recording space in the castle. Tweaks sometime whenever. No Stress, No Worries & No Meither.

Tweakin Our Recording Space for Time

Quality control a given in the castle with the usual suspects.

Enough Said. Zedzzzzz R Us

Travel Safe

Work in Progress.

Chillin & Chattin With Me Big Fella


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