The Old Pint Pot Salford

The Old Pint Pot Salford

Dropped by The Old Pint Pot Salford the other week contemplating unknowns rattling round me head, little things really, like how to start using our new kit and pondering in me head where the next podcast or blog post would come from in time?

No set agenda or plan of action in mind, just chillin’ with me hobgoblin and the views of the River Irwell, just because …

Entering The Old Pint Pot SalfordDownstairs at The Old Pint Pot SalfordWe both know that some things just happen by being in the right place at the wrong time.

Que refill in progress, so why not ask the barman about the possibility of organising some kind of chat in the future about what’s happening in the old pint pot in the coming weeks or so?

Sounded like a plan in me head did that!  As luck would have Deano the landlord, happened to be passing at the time and would you believe that he was up for a chat and without further hesitation a new guerrilla podcast was on the go.

Yours truly just chillin’ with me hobgoblin and the view outside The Old Pint Pot Salford.

Outside The Old Pint Pot Salford

Adrian at Guerrilla Podcasts chatting with Deano the Landlord of The Old Pint Pot Salford.

Deano & the mixer at The Old Pint Pot Salford

Deano was gracious enough to spend time taking us on a guided tour round The Old Pint Pot and have a chat in the process about one or two of his plans for the future.  Introducing me to his mixer that seemed to have more than a few bells, whistles and whatevers than i’ve seen for time in a pub environment.

Seems like he means what he says that he and his partner Sunny are looking well into the future for a positive vibe with an establishment in a beltin’ location and crackin’ view.

Eight Rounds Rapid – Talent

Entrance to The Old Pint Pot SalfordThere’s a new art exhibition in progress at the pint pot by Valerie Savchits “Drowned At Imperfection” which is on through till the end of September.

Gotta say when dropping by the pint pot, never really thought much about playing board games!  Whilst that may not have been on me radar of things to do, seems like it’s an evening that just maybe worth a visit just because in the coming weeks and months.

Not forgetting the new unknown choons to be listened too in future open mic nights.  For sure it sounds like a plan to drop by again and clock the choon creators in action doin’ what they do.

Upstairs at The Old Pint Pot SalfordView of the River Irwell from The Old Pint Pot Salford

A brew with a view.

Who knows what the future holds when the The Old Pint Pot’s upstairs revamp is completed.

Maybe one day Deano may make that dream gig come true?

Just sayin’ is all!   If you happened to have clocked our previous podcast Today’s Not Planned It’s Just a Get Lost Day that The Old Pint Pot is a dog friendly environment and that in my humble opinion, is massive bonus for future unknowns.  An outside space to chill and just maybe create a few new podcasts with whomever about whatever?

The Old Pint Pot Salford

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