Talking Drivel To Myself

Talking Drivel To Myself

Getting comfortable talking drivel to myself in the castle studio.

Now we both know, that be an ‘ish small white lie from inside me head?

‘Tis what it always is in the castle. No stress, no worries, and no pressure #growingwiththeflow whilst we unwrap wires and set too tweaking random whatever be new with a mic & zoom recorder on 1st May 2022.

Been A While Since We've Used Our Zoom Recorder

Talking Drivel To Myself

Sweetcorn on the grow on our top of the range heating sytem in the castle.

More Sweetcorn Growing On The Radiator

Tomatoes coming long quite nicely in the castle yard house.

Toms On The Grow In Free Recycled Buckets In Our Castle Yard

Quality control a given from the boys and vital to eveything we do.

Top Notch Quality Control In Progress From The Boys

Memo To Self : Random Links

Life down on the plot. Just Chillin…

Me Little Fella Doin What He Does Best Down On The Plot

Travel Safe

Same as it ever was from inide me head.

Patience and Time is all we got. No Stress, No Worries and No Pressure

Zedzzzzzzzzzzzzzz R Us. Enough Said With Me Big Fella

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