Talkin Drivel To Meself

Talkin Drivel To Meself

New random ramblings about future unknowns. Just talkin drivel to meself, whilst taking time out on our imaginary journey of new beginnings swirling and building in me head.

Say What?

Sometimes, the fact that we’re talkin drivel to meself out loud sorta helps me and me little friend get a few new ideas out in the open and figure out what’s what!

Talkin broken biscuits with Mikey works and really does help us take one step forward and just maybe sideways down an odd path with an alternative thought process than previously known.

Starting the new year to come, with an acorn of an idea and with a positive self-belief that we are actually trying to change the things we do.

Just Because …

Talkin Drivel To Meself

Testing the depth of a hole
Kitchen floor dug out
Sand covers the hardcore

Best laid plans and all that, patience is tha key.

For the now, we’re waiting on the paper work to drop and then we’ll know more. Well looking forward to seeing what happens on our new journey.

Links to the spaces shared whilst talkin drivel to meself in the midst of building work on our kitchen in me castle.

concreate laid

hardcore put in place

Travel Safe

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