Growing Strawberries in Me Jeans

Growing Strawberries in Me Jeans

Growing Strawberries in Me Jeans sure sounded like a plan in me head a while back that we thought we’d make it so and have a go!  The strawberries cost us £2.99 and we already had a bag of compost for a fiver of which we used about a pounds worth.

So all in all minimum outlay for maximum Home Grown flavour!

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Me Strawberries ain’t Strawberries

Me Strawberries ain't Strawberries

Me Strawberries ain’t Strawberries at all so I’ve just found out!  A nugget of news discovered by pure fluke earlier this morning after a google search.

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Home Grown Veg Plan 2014

Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Veg Plan 2014

Springs sprung and just maybe we both know that Guerrilla Podcasts (@guerrillapods / Home Grown Veg Plan 2014 is well in progress for the now!  What do I know?  More than a few new seeds have been sown in the backyard, on tha windowsill and in whatever there is of the front garden for the now and all’s well in me head for the Guerrilla home grown food bank for 2014!

Wouldn’t you just know that Lou just couldn’t resist giving more than a helping paw in the bedding boxes recently!  Doin’ what she does as helpful as ever, but for the first time in ages she’s decided to have taken a liking to having a look see up close and personal at the bedding boxes.

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Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Strawberries

You probably know that over the last few weeks and more i’ve been sorting out a few bits ‘n’ bobs for me front garden, (what there is of it anyways) in order to grow me own veg.  I’ve turned the soil over a couple of times recently and actually got round to doing a little more than i initially anticipated.  I’ll add a few photo’s and more info soon so that you can see the what and where etc.

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