The Old Pint Pot Salford

The Old Pint Pot Salford

Dropped by The Old Pint Pot Salford the other week contemplating unknowns rattling round me head, little things really, like how to start using our new kit and pondering in me head where the next podcast or blog post would come from in time?

No set agenda or plan of action in mind, just chillin’ with me hobgoblin and the views of the River Irwell, just because …

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Todays Not Planned Its Just a Get Lost Day

Today's not planned it's just a get lost day

Mikey’s paw is on the mend.  The staples have been removed, the radar’s gone and we’re now able to go out for a wander for the first time in over a week. So todays not planned its just a get lost day.

Thought we’d have a day out in Peel Park in the Salford sun and spend the day getting lost.  No set agenda, no plans, just a get lost kinda day for no other reason than just because.

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