Cheshire Cheese Company chat in Manchester

Cheshire Cheese Company chat in Manchester
Guerrilla Podcasts just loves a quest that’s embarked upon with a serious R&D agenda / focus in mind.  One or two o’ thee’ll know that one already?  Add to the mix a chance encounter with three unknown individuals with a story to tell and that’s a recipe for a brand new cast for sure in me humble opinion.

A chance encounter with Le Grande Fromage after a wonder round the city centre and jobs a good ‘un in my book and a Cheshire Cheese Company chat in Manchester is well and truly under way.

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Sorting Sigil Guerrilla Style

Sorting Sigil Guerrilla StyleTime to get sorting sigil guerrilla style me thinks.   So what’s tha script?  Well, to be honest that’s what we’re in the process of putting together on the fly over the next few months or so.

Then again it could be sooner or later there’s no set time scale at all.  Just growing with the flow for the now, as we’ve never quite got our heads round how time works round this neck of tha woods.

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