Back on Track with the Home Grown Journal

back on track with the Home Grown JournalGetting back on track with the Home Grown Journal has taken a week or so whilst I’ve been getting me head round how best to move forward following the demise of the mac.

Seems like moving forward and creating new memories as Lou and I fall into autumn is the way to go as we’ve been out and about collecting leaves for the worm bin.

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Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Wormery

It sounds like a plan in my book to sort out a new category for Guerrilla Podcasts : Worm Casts.  As Me & Lou start out on a new journey into the unknown making our very own, home grown worm bin / worm farm in Salford.

So whilst Lou and I get ready to welcome more than a few worms into our backyard.  Look forward to starting a brand new category for Guerrilla Podcasts, just maybe you’ll know better than I what will happen next?  Whilst I get my head round using OpenShot editor for the very first time to help us keep a video record of what, when & why we did whatever?

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Guerrilla Podcasts Lessons Learned, Never Give Up

Whilst Lou & I continue to go with the flow with Guerrilla Podcast Home Grown thought process? Just maybe it’s about time we got round to adding a quick update and share a few of our photo’s as a reminder of what we’ve been up to.

Updating our personal record, what’s worked for us and not worrying about whatever may have gone pear shaped whilst we’re attempting to grow our own food in the backyard in Salford.  Not forgetting what space we’ve got in the front garden!

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