Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in Me Head

Guerrilla Tweaks in Progress in me Head

Guerrilla tweaks in progress in me head, for no apparent reason than just because…

A long time ago in a different life, before we even got our heads round our ongoing self-learning curve using Ubuntu, never mind understanding what’s what with open source software or apps?

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Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy

Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy
Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy, was well and truly under way the other day as Mikey & Me went out & about round Silverdale in Salford.  Wandering wherever, as we try and get our heads round more than a few new tweaks we want to figure out for our current and future on-line projects?

Gettin’ out of the castle and into the woods to clear our heads and see what happens?

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Sorting Sigil Guerrilla Style

Sorting Sigil Guerrilla StyleTime to get sorting sigil guerrilla style me thinks.   So what’s tha script?  Well, to be honest that’s what we’re in the process of putting together on the fly over the next few months or so.

Then again it could be sooner or later there’s no set time scale at all.  Just growing with the flow for the now, as we’ve never quite got our heads round how time works round this neck of tha woods.

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Setting up Sigil to Self Publish Me Ebook

Setting up Sigil to Self Publish an EbookCan’t believe that we’re in the process of setting up sigil to self publish me ebook.  Well to be fair that’s the long term plan of things to do.  Off course there’s only one reason for sure!  Because it’s There and It Sounds Like A Plan….

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Self Publishing The Invisible Book Publishing The Invisible Book sounds like an oxymoron for yours truly. Yet to be honest it’s an acorn of an idea that’s been growing in me head for time.  Some say there’s no time like the present to try something new, so I thought we’d have a look see at the principles involved and have a go at Self Publishing The Invisible Book!

Memo to Self: We’re not talking about writing the next big whatever!

What’s important for the now is getting me head round the various principles, applications and practicalities involved, whilst using Ubuntu to create an e-book for yours truly.  How to do whatever and then share it wherever?  That’s the driving goal.

A desire and determination to have a go.  Just Because It’s There and it Sounds Like A Plan  …

Desire,  Determination,  Personal Motivation &  Self Improvement – See more at:

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Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement