Guerrilla Podcasts What’s On at Social Adventures

Guerrilla Podcasts What's On at Social Adventures

There’s a lot going on at Social Adventures in Salford over the next few months.  To find out a little more about the what, when and where the various activities are taking place, i dropped by The Angel Centre, St. Philips Place, just off Chapel Street in Salford to have a chat with Simone & Simon, to find out about the new courses, events and whatever else they have planned from October onwards.

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Guerrilla Podcasts Chats to Olympic Torch Relay Runner Emma Smith

So i’m busy doing what i do, volunteering down at Garden Needs in Salford, having a brew whilst flicking through the latest copy of the Salford M3 Magazine and in walks Emma Smith the Service Director of Social Adventures in Salford as she prepares to get ready to lead a group of people into and around Kersal Dale to have a look see at what they may find to eat, growing in the area.

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