Daft o’clock On Me Plot

Daft o'clock On Me Plot

To be honest, daft o’clock on me plot wasn’t exactly on our imaginary things to-do list last year. Strange how life turns out, following a random conversation about our home grown in me castle.

Just because we don’t know what we’re doing, wont stop us from having a grow, with the best of intentions of expanding our home grown food bank for me & me little friend on our plot acquired earlier this year.

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Digging Holes On Me Plot

Digging Holes On Me Plot

Seems like we’ve been digging holes on me plot for time. To be honest we have and most likely for the next few weeks to come and that’s right in me head for the now, as we’re still relatively new here.

Mikey & Me doin’ what we do #growingwiththeflow with our very own home grown food bank on the allotment.

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Celebrating Eureka Moment

Celebrating Eureka Moment

Out and about with Mikey Celebrating Eureka Moment!

Watching a grey squirrel play and do a runner in front of us, jumping all over the place as they do.  Up and down trees, paths, you know how it goes, keeping the two of us entertained for a while.  Me and my compatriot in crime are off on another random ramblings together for no other reason than just because …

Chattin’ broken biscuits with ourselves, because we can, whilst chuffed to bits in me head that a new penny dropped after time.

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Emptying Me Greenhouse

Emptying Me Greenhouse

Chatting away with Mikey the other day about emptying me greenhouse an a random day in January.  Sounds like a plan does that in me head?  Now’s as good a time as any to make a start and get ready for a new thought process on the home grown front for this year!  Other than that as usual there’s no set agenda.

We’ll figure out future unknowns as the days turn into weeks and the months role by at a rate of knots following on from our impromptu conversation.

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Planting Asparagus Seeds

Planting Asparagus Seeds

Sounds like a plan in me head to keep a record of what we’ve been doin’ whilst pottering around in the backyard of me castle planting asparagus seeds in the middle of august 2015.  Figuring out what works for us #growingwiththeflow slowly but surely, growing something new planting asparagus seeds in a small greenhouse sure sounds like a plan does that?

Daft as it may sound, in me head it’s supposed to be pretty easy to grow stuff / seeds in a greenhouse!

Massive learning curve for sure over the last year or so remembering to water the seeds, keep track of whatever we’ve planted and eventually getting used to leaving the greenhouse door wide open and see what actually happens over time?

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