Transplanting Cabbages

Transplanting Cabbages

Transplanting Cabbages, creating our very own cabbage patch on the plot.

Started planting out both Savoy and Pak Choi cabbages a few weeks ago.

Thought we’d plant Out, Wong Bok and January King cabbages for the first time ever #growingwiththeflow on the 3rd bed of our 1st plot.

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Planting Tomatoes In The Tunnel

Planting Tomatoes In The Tunnel

Seemed like a plan in me head to do what we do #growingwiththeflow.

Casually as we like on a random walkabout with the boys, we end up down on the plot, in their chill out space.

Planting tomatoes in the tunnel is the order of the day.

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DIY Tunnel Tomato Frames

DIY Tunnel Tomato Frames

Work in progress, sortin’ out our DIY Tunnel Tomato Frames on the plot.

Memo To Self: Get ya shite sorted before you go walkabout with the boys.

Eventually me and the boys were on a roll #growingwiththeflow doin’ what we do down on the plot, on a random sunny Sunday in Salford.

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Digging Holes On Me Plot

Digging Holes On Me Plot

Seems like we’ve been digging holes on me plot for time. To be honest we have and most likely for the next few weeks to come and that’s right in me head for the now, as we’re still relatively new here.

Mikey & Me doin’ what we do #growingwiththeflow with our very own home grown food bank on the allotment.

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Growing Seeds In Me Fridge

Growing Seeds in Me Fridge

Thought we’d have a go at growing seeds in me fridge for the first time ever. Research suggests that it’s a tried and tested way of tricking the seeds into experiencing winter. What do we know?

Sounds like a plan does that.

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