Casually As We Like

Casually As We Like

Casually as we like, for whatever good reason that seemed like a plan from inside me head on 27th March 2022.

Me and the boys decided to do whatever ’tis we do on any given day #growingwiththeflow in the castle yard, with a cheap as chips walk in greenhouse, we’ve had hidden away for time.

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Potting On Green Tings

Potting On Green Tings

Potting On Green Tings in the castle yard with the boys on a sunny ish Sunday in the early days of spring this side of the coil.

Transplanting Cauliflowers, Courgettes, Kale and Sweetcorn. Casually as we like #growingwiththeflow in our own head space. Just Because…

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Murphy’s Law With The Boys

Murphys Law With The Boys

By now, we probably both know that Murphy’s Law with the boys is really a given in the castle. Whatever the time be in me head, could be stupid o’clock or probably even daft o’clock. Best laid plans all but sorted.

Accept the unexpected and add a couple more hours to our imaginary #growingwiththeflow time line of when to get things finished.

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Transplanting Legumes

Transplanting Legumes

In me head, seemed like decent ish weather this side of the coil to be transplanting legumes, under the Salford sun.

So a random kinda day was on the grow down on the plot. Transplanting beans, peas and beetroot, Just Because…

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