Beds Without Borders

Beds Without Borders

It’s Friday, 31st December 2021. Me and the boys are off walkabout, talking broken biscuits to ourselves, for the first time in ages.

Doing what we do, making our way down to the plot, for a quick look see. For no apparent reason, other than it floats me boat is all. Just Because…

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A Look See Down On The Plots

A Look See Down On The Plots

No plan of action at all, just a look see down on the plots with the boys is all.

Time to break our duck and maybe make our way, a tad further up our curve.

As always, no worries & no stress, just casually #growingwiththeflow in me head for another year.

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Look Forwards Not Backwards Mate

Look Forwards Not Backwards Mate

Look forwards not backwards mate, a given request when out and about with the boys, as they notice randoms behind us.

Never a stress there be at all, on another damp day in the NorthWest.

Just testin out our cheap as chips audio recorder is all.

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Do What We Do In Me Head

Do What We Do In Me Head

Tweaks a given as we Do What We Do In Me Head, with our unknown new beginnings, climbing up that imaginary sine curve of our 5th life.

For sure that may not make any kind of sense at all and that’s all tickety boo with me and the boys in the castle.

Move On.

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Sowing Seeds @ Daft O’clock

Sowing Seeds @ Daft O'clock

Sowing Seeds at Daft O’clock is on the grow again in the middle of January in the castle, with more than a little help from my friends.

We both know that the boys are well involved with everything we do. Project managing whatever, as we grow on our learning journey #growingwiththeflow as randomly as we do, at any given time.

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