Future Unknowns Growing Forward

Future Unknowns Growing Forward

Our future unknowns growing forward, down on our plot has recently doubled in the last few weeks.

We’ve been lucky enough, to be able to take on our second allotment space, right next door to our original plot.

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Home Grown Spreadsheet

Home Grown Spreadsheet

One or two of you already know that we recently shared our home grown spreadsheet thought process on twitter the other week. In me head, patience was the key whilst wondering who’d get back, if anyone at all?

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Tweaking The Here And Now

Tweaking The Here And Now

Tweaking the here and now?

We both know it takes time to get your head round doin’ something new. Whatever new be in your head? Keep doin’ what you do.

For no other reason, than it sounds like a plan.

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Growing Seeds In Me Fridge

Growing Seeds in Me Fridge

Thought we’d have a go at growing seeds in me fridge for the first time ever. Research suggests that it’s a tried and tested way of tricking the seeds into experiencing winter. What do we know?

Sounds like a plan does that.

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