Sowing Seeds @ Daft O’clock

Sowing Seeds @ Daft O'clock

Sowing Seeds at Daft O’clock is on the grow again in the middle of January in the castle, with more than a little help from my friends.

We both know that the boys are well involved with everything we do. Project managing whatever, as we grow on our learning journey #growingwiththeflow as randomly as we do, at any given time.

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Planning Future Ungrowns

Planning Future Ungrowns

Seems like a random thought process in me head is on the grow. Planning future ungrowns @ daft o’clock. Doin’ what we do as casually as we like. Whilst the boys give it plenty of zedzzzz in the castle.

Using open source LibreOffice Calc works for us, as we update our spreadsheet, planning future ungrowns and enjoy whatever new randomness happens over time.

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Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns

Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns

Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns is well and truly on the grow with the boys. Sure sounds like a plan in my head does that. Never a stress and no worries whilst growing with the flow, Just Because …

Maybe we don’t articulate things, as proper as you like, in my head all’s tickety boo, as we do what we do #growingwiththeflow.

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