Imaginary Home Grown Food Bank

Imaginary Home Grown Food Bank

Tweaks ongrowin in my head, with our Imaginary Home Grown Food Bank.

For sure, we both know you’ll be doing things somewhat differently right about now and to be honest, that floats me boat does that.

Casually as we like @ daft o’clock, we’re ish making several small steps forward, with our diy #growingwiththeflow spreadsheet for growing whatever, wherever in 2019.

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Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns

Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns

Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns is well and truly on the grow with the boys. Sure sounds like a plan in my head does that. Never a stress and no worries whilst growing with the flow, Just Because …

Maybe we don’t articulate things, as proper as you like, in my head all’s tickety boo, as we do what we do #growingwiththeflow.

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Tweaking The Here And Now

Tweaking The Here And Now

Tweaking the here and now?

We both know it takes time to get your head round doin’ something new. Whatever new be in your head? Keep doin’ what you do.

For no other reason, than it sounds like a plan.

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Daft o’clock On Me Plot

Daft o'clock On Me Plot

To be honest, daft o’clock on me plot wasn’t exactly on our imaginary things to-do list last year. Strange how life turns out, following a random conversation about our home grown in me castle.

Just because we don’t know what we’re doing, wont stop us from having a grow, with the best of intentions of expanding our home grown food bank for me & me little friend on our plot acquired earlier this year.

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