Casually As We Like

Casually As We Like

Casually as we like, for whatever good reason that seemed like a plan from inside me head on 27th March 2022.

Me and the boys decided to do whatever ’tis we do on any given day #growingwiththeflow in the castle yard, with a cheap as chips walk in greenhouse, we’ve had hidden away for time.

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Planting Asparagus Seeds

Planting Asparagus Seeds

Sounds like a plan in me head to keep a record of what we’ve been doin’ whilst pottering around in the backyard of me castle planting asparagus seeds in the middle of august 2015.  Figuring out what works for us #growingwiththeflow slowly but surely, growing something new planting asparagus seeds in a small greenhouse sure sounds like a plan does that?

Daft as it may sound, in me head it’s supposed to be pretty easy to grow stuff / seeds in a greenhouse!

Massive learning curve for sure over the last year or so remembering to water the seeds, keep track of whatever we’ve planted and eventually getting used to leaving the greenhouse door wide open and see what actually happens over time?

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Guerrilla Podcasts Make Do and Mend

Guerrilla Podcasts Make Do and Mend is most definitely the way things are going at the moment as Me & Lou make a start on growing our own veg for another year and so our home grown learning curve continues.

Last year our home made plant pots worked a treat, guerrilla podcasts home grown plant pots vegetables.  So it seemd like a plan to do the same this year.  The snow arrived a month earlier this year allowing us time to sort out one or two new home grown ideas.

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