Planning Future Ungrowns

Planning Future Ungrowns

Seems like a random thought process in me head is on the grow. Planning future ungrowns @ daft o’clock. Doin’ what we do as casually as we like. Whilst the boys give it plenty of zedzzzz in the castle.

Using open source LibreOffice Calc works for us, as we update our spreadsheet, planning future ungrowns and enjoy whatever new randomness happens over time.

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Home Grown Spreadsheet

Home Grown Spreadsheet

One or two of you already know that we recently shared our home grown spreadsheet thought process on twitter the other week. In me head, patience was the key whilst wondering who’d get back, if anyone at all?

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Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 2

Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 2

Guerrilla Podcasts Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 2.  Mikey & Me went out & about on the moss in Salford contemplating change for future unknowns?

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Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy

Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy
Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy, was well and truly under way the other day as Mikey & Me went out & about round Silverdale in Salford.  Wandering wherever, as we try and get our heads round more than a few new tweaks we want to figure out for our current and future on-line projects?

Gettin’ out of the castle and into the woods to clear our heads and see what happens?

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Sorting Sigil Guerrilla Style

Sorting Sigil Guerrilla StyleTime to get sorting sigil guerrilla style me thinks.   So what’s tha script?  Well, to be honest that’s what we’re in the process of putting together on the fly over the next few months or so.

Then again it could be sooner or later there’s no set time scale at all.  Just growing with the flow for the now, as we’ve never quite got our heads round how time works round this neck of tha woods.

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