Anthony Wilkinson chat in Eccles

Anthony Wilkinson chat in EcclesAnthony Wilkinson chat in Eccles on a Friday night at the back end of November.  It just so happened that i dropped into The Duke of York in Eccles, Salford for a scoop or two and a look, see & listen to what’s on with the Live Jam Nights.

What more can i say!

Just Because ….

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R&D in Manchester

Research and Development in ManchesterR&D in Manchester, down Oxford Road, a week or so ago, doin’ what we’re comfortable doing!  Going with the flow, with no set agenda at all.  Taking another step up that there self learning curve of discovery into the unknown.

This time, I thought we’d take our newly acquired gadget on a test drive on R&D in Manchester. Hopefully have look see and listen to the evenings Choons and checkout whatever’s happening down Oxford Road.

You know how it goes by now!

Just Because ….

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