Transplanting Legumes

Transplanting Legumes

In me head, seemed like decent ish weather this side of the coil to be transplanting legumes, under the Salford sun.

So a random kinda day was on the grow down on the plot. Transplanting beans, peas and beetroot, Just Because…

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Planting Asparagus Seeds

Planting Asparagus Seeds

Sounds like a plan in me head to keep a record of what we’ve been doin’ whilst pottering around in the backyard of me castle planting asparagus seeds in the middle of august 2015.  Figuring out what works for us #growingwiththeflow slowly but surely, growing something new planting asparagus seeds in a small greenhouse sure sounds like a plan does that?

Daft as it may sound, in me head it’s supposed to be pretty easy to grow stuff / seeds in a greenhouse!

Massive learning curve for sure over the last year or so remembering to water the seeds, keep track of whatever we’ve planted and eventually getting used to leaving the greenhouse door wide open and see what actually happens over time?

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Home Grown Veg Plan 2014

Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Veg Plan 2014

Springs sprung and just maybe we both know that Guerrilla Podcasts (@guerrillapods / Home Grown Veg Plan 2014 is well in progress for the now!  What do I know?  More than a few new seeds have been sown in the backyard, on tha windowsill and in whatever there is of the front garden for the now and all’s well in me head for the Guerrilla home grown food bank for 2014!

Wouldn’t you just know that Lou just couldn’t resist giving more than a helping paw in the bedding boxes recently!  Doin’ what she does as helpful as ever, but for the first time in ages she’s decided to have taken a liking to having a look see up close and personal at the bedding boxes.

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