Recycling Central Ongoing in Me Castle

Recycling Central Ongoing in Me Castle

Recycling central ongoing in me castle. There’s work in progress in me head whilst we’re just getting round to taking units down in the kitchen. Or should that be more chaos in progress with me & me little friend?

Either way, it amounts to the same thing. Mikey & Me keeping a personal record for ourselves at the beginning of February, whilst we do what we do for no other reason than?

Just Becasue ….

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Emptying Me Greenhouse

Emptying Me Greenhouse

Chatting away with Mikey the other day about emptying me greenhouse an a random day in January.  Sounds like a plan does that in me head?  Now’s as good a time as any to make a start and get ready for a new thought process on the home grown front for this year!  Other than that as usual there’s no set agenda.

We’ll figure out future unknowns as the days turn into weeks and the months role by at a rate of knots following on from our impromptu conversation.

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Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Bedding Boxes

Guerrilla Podcasts Home Grown Bedding Boxes are on the way and just maybe one or two of thee had an inkling that things may go a little Pete Tong with that there Make Do and Mend post a while back? With the benefit of hindsight! It could’ve / should’ve been in that there list of things to do, to secure tha old set of bubble wrapped shelves to the wall?

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