Murphy’s Law With The Boys

Murphys Law With The Boys

By now, we probably both know that Murphy’s Law with the boys is really a given in the castle. Whatever the time be in me head, could be stupid o’clock or probably even daft o’clock. Best laid plans all but sorted.

Accept the unexpected and add a couple more hours to our imaginary #growingwiththeflow time line of when to get things finished.

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If I Had a Brain I’d Be Dangerous

If I Had A Brain I'd Be Dangerous

Another day and another castle floor to paint. Sorta seemed like a plan in me head time back, to do what we do. Just Because…

Patience and time is all no matter whatever ’tis we do #growingwiththeflow in me head, on any given day.

First tings first. Take the conference table / dining room table apart. Turns out, that’s easier said than done. If I had a brain I’d be dangerous.

Move On

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Painting The Castle Floor

Painting The Castle Floor

Deja vous central in me head as we make a start on painting the castle floor. Patience and time a given as we’re on a roll with our first coat of three.

Most importantly, we both know #growingwiththeflow like we do. Never stress tha mess in me head and Move On.

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Reclaiming The Castle Yard

Reclaiming The Castle Yard

Who knows? Maybe now’s a good time for me and the boys to make a start reclaiming the castle yard. Just ’cause me heads been walkabout, don’t mean it won’t find it’s way home once in a while.

So it’s time to do what we do, never stress the mess #growingwiththeflow in the castle yard and Move On.

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A Look See Down On The Plots

A Look See Down On The Plots

No plan of action at all, just a look see down on the plots with the boys is all.

Time to break our duck and maybe make our way, a tad further up our curve.

As always, no worries & no stress, just casually #growingwiththeflow in me head for another year.

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