Spuds R Us

Spuds R Us

Spuds R Us down on the plot with the boys. A given that our project manager’s be chillin’, whilst we do whatever on a dull day in Salford.

Sorta seemed like a plan in me head to use those forgotten / unused potatoes that’d been chittin’ away in a random kitchen cupboard.

The Boys In There Chill Out Space On The Plot

Two rows sorted for the potatoes on the 3rd bed of our second plot. Just drop the spade in, give it a wobble, job done and move on.

Fingers crossed we’re ish good to grow with our potatoes #growingwiththeflow for another plate in about 16 weeks or so.

Watching You Watching Me

More by luck than design. By the time we’d finished laying out the spuds, we ended up with two rows of 20 potatoes each, filling our 3rd bed.

40 Potatoes in 2 Rows of 20

Spuds R Us

Early Days For Our Plum Tree On The Plot Planted 2019

Casually as we like our #homegrownfoodbank is gradually coming together in line with our imaginary full moon to-do list for this year.

Patience and time is all we need. Dig a hole and plant a seed.

Dig A Hole and Plant A Seed

For sure it’s a given, that me boys ‘ll get stuck in providing that vital quality control aspect for any DIY project that we do.

Vital Quality Control A Given From Me Boys

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

40 spuds / potatoes planted, covered and watered.

Spuds Covered and Watered

All we need to do now, is plant radish in the middle of our 3rd bed.

Radish To Be Sown In Middle Of Our 3rd bed

Travel Safe

Peace & Tranquillity


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