Spuds R Us 2

Spuds R Us 2

Suppose it comes as no real surprise, that me and the boys are down on the plot. On another damp and cloudy day, up here in the NorthWest.

We’re spud planting for the 2nd time this year.

Spuds r us 2, if you will, #growingwiththeflow on the 2nd bed of our 1st plot.

Eventually, the boys are happy to chill in their own space, down on the plot.

Learn To Chill, A Given

Patience a given as we work on the 2nd bed of our 1st plot. All but ready for sowing the potatoes we’ve saved & stored from last years harvest.

Tweaking The 2nd Bed on The 1st Plot

Spuds R Us 2

Same as it ever was, first things first. Casually as we always like. Dig a hole.

Make A Start and Dig A Hole

So didn’t fancy the idea of diggin’ two 20 foot trenches, ish a foot deep with a bad back. Thought we’d go for the cinema reel effect instead.

Cinema Reel Effect Sorted For Our Spuds

In the meantime…

The boys are doin’ what they like to do, chillin is all, down on the plot.

Sweetcorn Arrived Safely Ready To Planted Out

That’s our Desiree seed potatoes sorted and sown on the 2nd bed.

Desiree Seed Potatoes Sown

Time to have a look see at those potatoes we had stored in the shed.

Last Years Harvest Saved & Stored

Harvested and saved from last years crop. Good to grow for another year.

Our Spuds Ready For Planting

Dig a hole and plant a seed. Not long to go before our 2nd bed is full.

Half A Job Sorted, We're On A Roll

Job done. Move On. For sure we both knew that already.

Potatoes Sown On Our 2nd Bed

Now that we’re sorted with spuds r us 2. Time for the Breakfast Radish.

Breakfast Radish To Be Planted Above The Potatoes

Blink and our 2nd bed looks like it’s never been touched.

Time & Patience Is All We Need

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Catch Up of Our Whatevers : Friday 31st May 2019

1st year for our Asparagus grown from seed.

Asparagus Growing Over Time

Trimming both pear trees last year seems to have worked a treat.

Pears Budding In Our Fruit Section

Seems like our red currants are doing alright for the now.

Red Currants Growing

Patience is all we need, with our tomatoes growing in the tunnel.

Tomatoes Growing In The Tunnel

Still early days for the green things on the grow in our Salford plots.

Our 2nd Plot On The Grow

Travel Safe

Enough Said, Just Chillin With The Boys


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