Spreadsheet Totals

Spreadsheet Totals

Thought we’d add a Spreadsheet Totals sheet to our DIY tweaks for time.

Won’t be going overboard with our totals sheet, as we will return in time to add more info.

Just setting up the bare bones of our new totals sheet at the moment.

Making A Start With Our Spreadsheet Totals Sheet

Spreadsheet Totals

Cell by cell. Random formula used for the now.

Totals Sheet Formula Used

Totals Sheet Formula Used (For the now):

Seeds Family, Column A, Cell A3


Rinse & repeat formula from cell A3 to cell A18

Seeds Family, Column A, Cell A18


Family Total, Column B, Cell B19


Money Spent Total, Column C, Cell C19


Seeds Sown Total, Column D, Cell D19


Estimated Annual Budget 2023

Estimated Annual Budget

Estimated Budget, Column C, Cell C22

Enter Amount Direct into Cell

Products Purchased, Column C, Cell C23


Money Spent, Column C, Cell C24


Balance, Column C, Cell C25


Percentage of Budget Spent, Column C, Cell C26


Percentage of Budget Spent

In our totals sheet, cell C26 (Percentage of Budget Spent) decided to use an =If statement in order to remove the #div/0! (actual calculation required is Cell 25 divide by cell C23).

Empty DIY Bar Charts

Travel Safe

DIY Spreadsheet Totals Columns Used


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