Spreadsheet Totals Charts

Spreadsheet Totals Charts

Casually as we both like and for no apparent reason than. Just Because…

Before we move on with our spending and growing sheets in the near future. Thought we’d share our DIY, quick as we like spreadsheet totals charts, created using free LibreOffice Calc within the Spreadsheet Totals sheet.

Select and click on the insert chart icon.

Insert Chart Button

Spreadsheet Totals Charts

For sure we haven’t forgotten to select the columns of information, that we want to share within our DIY charts (e.g. Seeds Family & Money Spent).

Select Column Content required for Our Charts

More than one way to skin a cat. Highlight columns then: Insert > Chart.

Insert Chart

Now that we’ve clicked, insert chart, choose a chart style?

Choose the Chart Style You Want To Use

Check that the Data Range displayed is correct, just in case.

Check Data Range Selected

As above, Check that the Data Series values displayed are correct?

Check Data Series Selected

Should the values in the Data Series need tweaking, change accordingly.

Check Data Series Selected

Enter Chart Elements. Both axis (x & y) subtitle and legend.

Enter Chart Elements (Title Info)

Decide if you wish to remove the legend from your Chart Elements.

Completed Chart Elements With Legend Removed

Clicked print preview, tweaked chart to fit page widths (see dotted lines).

Sized Chart To Fit Page Width

Rinse and repeat above for every chart, (Select desired columns first).

Select New Columns For A New Chart

Chart Elements for our 2nd DIY Chart (Seeds Sown 2023).

Chart Elements, Seeds Sown 2023

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Our Quick As We Like Random DIY Charts


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