Spreadsheet Spending

Spreadsheet Spending

So we’ve got round to adding our 4th sheet to our DIY growing spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Spending works for us for the now and as before. Shared the formula we used. Just Because…

A quick look see at our eight column headings.

Spending Sheet Column Headings

Spreadsheet Spending

Select number 1 on the rows, to highlight the first row. Click on Data in the ribbon and from the drop down data menu select and click on, AutoFilter.

AutoFilter Column Headings

We want to import our random latin family names used in Column A of our Index Sheet.

Select cell A2 on our new Spreadsheet Spending sheet. Choose Data and then click on Validity from the drop down menu available.

Select Data Validity

In Criteria, change the All values, currently chosen and select Cell range.

Choose Cell Range In the Allow Tab

Allow: Cell Range

Source: SeedFamily (Taken from Our Named Ranges)

Enter named range, SeedFamily into Source (from index sheet, column A).

Enter Named Range Into Source

Provided you’ve clicked OK? A drop down box with our named range appears in cell A2.

Named Range SeedFamily Available To Select From In Cell A2

Forgot named ranges? Click on Sheet and then Named Ranges, Manage.

Show The Named Ranges / Expressions Created In Our Spreadsheet

Import the seeds / content from our index sheet named ranges into our Seeds Name, Column B, Cell B2.

Allow: Cell Range

Source: INDIRECT(A2)

Enter INDIRECT(A2) Into The Source Tab

We are now able to choose content/seeds from each of our named ranges.

Named Range of Seeds From Index Sheet Now Available

Random formula used for our totals of column E, Costs.

Formula Used To Calculate Our Random Spending Costs

Spending Total: Column E, Cell E12 (Cell format currency)


Filter Sub Total: Column E, Cell E13 (Cell format currency)


Filter % of Total: Column E, Cell E14 (Cell format percent)


Random details added just to test is all.

Calculating Costs On Our Spreadsheet Spending Sheet

Filtered to Asteraceae, just to test our formula works? Job done, Move On.

Filtered Spreadsheet Spending Sheet to Asteraceae

Memo To Self : Random Links

Travel Safe

Filtered Spreadsheet Spending Sheet to Legume


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