Spreadsheet Growing

Spreadsheet Growing

All but sorted sharing our DIY Growing Spreadsheet. Casually as we like with our 5th and final sheet for the now.

At the end of the day. Just maybe, random bits and bobs of the formula we’ve used comes in useful for the both of us. Then again maybe not. Either, either way, ’tis what it is.

Seeds Section

First section of our growing sheet. 3 columns for the seeds we’re growing.

Seeds Section of Our DIY Growing Sheet

Spreadsheet Growing

Select cell A3 on our new growing sheet. Choose Data from the menus and then click on Validity from the drop down menu available.

Click Cell A3 Select Data Then Validity

In Criteria, change All values, currently chosen and select Cell range.

Choose Cell Range In The Allow Tab

Enter named range, SeedFamily into Source (from index sheet, column A).

Enter Named Range, SeedFamily into Source

Allow: Cell Range

Source: SeedFamily (Taken from Our Named Ranges)

Drop down box with our named range (SeedFamily) available in cell A3.

Named Range SeedFamily Available To Select From In Cell A3

Select cell B3 on our new growing sheet. Choose Data from the menus and then click on Validity from the drop down menu available.

Import the content from our index sheet, named ranges into our Seed Name, Column B, Cell B3. Enter INDIRECT(A3) in the Source tab.

Enter INDIRECT(A3) into The Source Tab

Allow: Cell Range

Source: INDIRECT(A3)

Provided we’ve made a selection, from our seed family group in Cell A3.

We are now able to choose content from our index sheet, for our named ranges (Seed Name) in Cell B3.

Named Range From Index Sheet Now Available

Growing Space / Area Section

Second section of our new DIY growing sheet.

10 columns for the random growing spaces down on our allotment/plot.

Column Headings For Our Spreadsheet Growing Space / Area Section

If truth be known from inside me head. We are only entering information into 3 of the 10 columns we’ve created.

We will be using LibreOffice Calc, If functions (statements) in the other 7, to do what we do and calculate the information we’d like to know?

Dummy Info Entered To Check If Functions Work As Expected

Random formula used in our Growing Space / Area Section

Section Length (Feet): Column D, Cell D3.

Entered Information, example used 1

Section Length (Inches): Column E, Cell E3.

(PS: Change the dash for a zero or whatever else you want?)

Section Length (Inches) Cell E3 If Function Used


Section Length (cm): Column F, Cell F3.

Section Length (cm) Cell F3 If Function Used


Crop Spacing (Inches): Column G, Cell G3.

Entered Information, example used 1

Crop Spacing (cm): Column H, Cell H3.

Crop Spacing (cm) Cell H3 If Function Used


Row Spacing (Inches): Column I, Cell I3.

Entered Information, example used 1

Row Spacing (cm): Column J, Cell J3.

Row Spacing (cm) Cell J3 If Function Used


Approx Seeds per Row: Column K, Cell K3.

Approx Seeds per Row Cell K3 If Function Used


Approx Number of Rows: Column L, Cell L3.

Approx Number of Rows Cell L3 If Function Used


Approx Total Seeds Required: Column M, Cell M3.

Approx Total Seeds Required Cell M3 If Function Used


Travel Safe

Random Data Entered Into Our Growing Space / Area Section


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