Sowing Seeds Of Self Doubt

Sowing Seeds Of Self Doubt

Sowing Seeds Of Self Doubt in me head

T’is What it is. Don’t believe the counters or doubters.

Thought we’d give our head a proper good wobble and randomly, sometime whenever soon ish, we’ll re-boot our DIY learning curve for time.

Hopefully somewhere along the way, we’ll learn something new, for no other reason than. Just Because …

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Sowing Seeds Of Self Doubt

The random thought process in me head for our Growing With The Flow www space, was to keep track of our growing whatever at any given time.

Seems like the demons on me shoulder took over as we deleted everything.

Growing With The Flow

Today’s Not Planned Its Just a Get Lost Day

Moons ago, sorta seemed like a plan, to try and keep some kind of ish record of whatever we’re doin’ for ourselves.

Random where www names come from and that’s a story that’ll probably stay in me head. Black Eyed Admin worked for us, to share whatever.

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Work In Progress with Atahualpa WordPress Theme

Before we knew it, for the right reasons in me head at the time on our DIY learning curve. We deleted Cyphreinc to tweak whatevers sooner than later.


Time flies at times, things will get sorted. Patience and a thick skin rocks.

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In the meantime, we’ve tweaked Devildogs using both Bootstrap for the www space and WordPress for the blog. Could be worse and yet it works for us does that on our random DIY learning curve.

Just for the record and we both know that it only matters in our head.

Devildogs was our 1st ever www, created moons back using Dreamweaver3.

Just sayin is all…

We’ve come a long way over the years doin’ what we do on our DIY learning curve. To be able to say that we maybe using Joomla over the next few years is another new massive step for us and that really does peck me head.

Me Rescued Boys

Creating new spaces for ourselves to keep track of whatever, pretending we know what we don’t know, Work’s for us.

We both know you know more than us & that’s always, a no stress, no worries situation in me head.

Maybe it’s time to forget the negatives rattling round our head for the now and carry on doin what we do, ’till the next time the demons come to play.

Just Maybe we both know that our rescued friends rock.

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The Boys

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