Sowing Seeds @ Daft O’clock

Sowing Seeds @ Daft O'clock

Sowing Seeds at Daft O’clock is on the grow again in the middle of January in the castle, with more than a little help from my friends.

We both know that the boys are well involved with everything we do. Project managing whatever, as we grow on our learning journey #growingwiththeflow as randomly as we do, at any given time.

Seeds To Be Sorted & Sown @ Daft O'clock

Sowing Seeds @ Daft O’clock

Quality control is always a vital part of everything we do on our growing learning curve. To be honest, we both know the boys have got that part of the process well sorted.

Quality Control Sorted @ Daft O'clock

A last look see just to make sure we’ve got all our bits & bobs in order and we’ll be good to sow.

Just a Quick Look See Before We Sow Whatever @ Daft O'Clock

Now we’re good to sow and we both know the boss knows how it grows.

We Both Know How It Grows @ Daft O'Clock

Sowing seeds using what we could afford compost at any given time.

What We Could Afford Compost @ Any Given Time

Sprinkle, sprinkle little seed. Tomato seeds sown in recycled pots, ready to be covered with just enough compost, so we can’t see ’em. Not to much mind, just enough to cover the seeds is all we need.

Tomato Seeds Ready to be covered

Job done. Tomato seeds sown, now move on.

Tomatoes Sown

Labels sorted, as we get ready to bulk sow a few random peppers.

Chilli Labels

Blink and before we know it, we’ve sown our chillies.

Chillies Sown

A given that my project managers chat about quality control, whilst we’re doin it all pete tong, talkin broken biscuits to myself in the castle.

We Both Know He's Talkin Broken Biscuits

Sprinkle, sprinkle little seed, we’ve done that already, move on.

Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Seed

Patience is all we need now, If they grow, they grow. Only time will tell.

Place Sown Seeds On A Random Windowsill and forget About For Time

Travel Safe

Usual Suspects Just Chillin

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