Sorting Sigil Guerrilla Style

Sorting Sigil Guerrilla StyleTime to get sorting sigil guerrilla style me thinks.   So what’s tha script?  Well, to be honest that’s what we’re in the process of putting together on the fly over the next few months or so.

Then again it could be sooner or later there’s no set time scale at all.  Just growing with the flow for the now, as we’ve never quite got our heads round how time works round this neck of tha woods.

When whomever says later that could be years, months or hours, you know how it goes?  Suppose that all depends on what direction the wind blows. About SigilSo whilst we’re figuring out the ins and outs of later, thought we’d get sorted in laying out the building blocks for our invisible book.

An acorn of an idea planted back in time to have a look see about working on self publishing me own e-book.

For the record we’ll be using Ubuntu, Sigil, Calibre, Gimp and more open source software during this work in progress self learning project to see what we need to do to create and publish our very own e-book.  A personal desire to get me head round the principles of an idea for no other reason than, it sounds like a plan.

Below are examples of various sections suggested for a published book.

    1. Cover
    2. Author Page
    3. Title page
    4. Copyright
    5. Dedication
    6. Table of contents
    7. List of illustrations
    8. Foreword
    9. Author’s preface
    10. Acknowledgments
    11. Introduction
    12. Chapters
    13. Appendix
    14. Glossary
    15. Bibliography
    16. Index

To be honest for what we have in mind at the moment that’s way to big a list for the now for the purposes of our project.

Though something to keep in mind for the future for sure.

How to Create an Ebook ePUB file Deercreekca’s channel
About Calibre

There’s more than a few list of what, where and why to include in your project available all over t’internet and that’s something we’ll check out as time passes.  A couple of links below we’ve visited recently.

Pat McNees : What is the difference between a preface, a foreword, and an introduction?
Matt Maldre : Ebook standard sizes for covers

The Lash – Sick, Sick Soul

We’re going to keep it simple stupid for the now as we’re only in the process of testing out the principle of self publishing the invisible book, rather than having a completed idea in mind.

Sorting Sigil Guerrilla StyleCover, author page, title page, table of contents, chapters, index and me thinks that’ll do for the now whilst we’re getting our heads round a few other things like sorting out the required css for the font, paragraph styles, h1-h6 styles etc.Ubuntu - create a bootable USB stick

You never know, maybe we’ll get round to figuring out our images and audio sometime soon?  As well as having a look see at adding video from wherever, whilst we’re sorting out the size for the video’s cover art.

So it seems like we’ve set ourselves a massive, long term self learning project for the now, you know how it goes: Just Because …

No stress on any time scales and no specific project management in place other than this ‘ere space.

Maybe later we’ll make a little more sense as we make our 101+ mistakes whilst we’re getting started Sorting Sigil Guerrilla Style.

No Worries

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