Short Term Pain Long Term Gain

Short Term Pain Long Term Gain

Short Term Pain Long Term Gain with a new project down on the plot.

First things first. Thought we’d do what we do and share more than a few new random images to show where we’re at on the plot, Just Because …

Life’s sorta got in the way recently. We both know, it is what it is. A roller coaster of a ride in me head as me and the boys, do what we do.

So for the next post or so we’re ish playin’ catch up on ourselves, sharin’ our recent whatevers, wherever we be @ any given time.

Won’t be long now before we’re havin’ a look see at diggin’ up our spuds.

2nd Plot On The Grow

Seems like out toms are coming along quite nicely in the tunnel.

Tomatoes in the Tunnel

Short Term Pain Long Term Gain

Podcast Originally Recorded 18th June 2019

Stating the obvious, shinny kinda day down on the plot in June.

Sunshine Over The Plot

New project on the grow as we try and rescue & recycle a greenhouse frame.

Time To Recycle a Greenhouse Frame

Empty space we hope to use for our new project over time.

Empty Space For Our New Project

All we need is the get up and go and we’ll create a new growing space.

Making A Start On A New Space

Patience and a positive, can do attitude is all we need at any given time.

Clearing and Creating New Spaces

One Frame down, one to grow for the now.

Time To Find The Other Side Of The Frame

In me head, sorta seems like we’re on a roll looking for hidden frames.

More Frames Hidden Somewhere

Casually as we like our climbing red rose is on the grow.

Climbing Red Rose

Obligatory visit for a look see from our little friend.

Our Friendly Squirrel Can Smell The Roses

Our first plot, tweaked and on the grow.

Work in Progress

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Green Things Growing On Our 2nd Plot

There was a time when we thought we may be losing our apple trees.

Apples Trees On The Grow

Travel Safe

Future Ungrowns

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